Coordinated, collaborative care can improve population health.

A new kind of proactive, team-based model of healthcare is emerging to help reduce costs and improve outcomes and patient experience. The move from physician-centered practices to practices where a physician leads a care team is proving particularly challenging, largely because the healthcare industry today has well-established roles and hierarchies and is reluctant to change. Healthcare Design cites the benefits of the team-based care trend:

To answer the trend of physicians shifting from independent practices to salaried employees of larger healthcare systems, the built environment is evolving, particularly by moving doctors out of private offices and into more open workspaces as a foundation for changing processes and opening lines of communication and collaboration, which are essential to this approach to care.

It’s important to note that the open workspace model can actually decrease communication and interaction if not properly designed. To positively and effectively impact communication, designers should consider the tasks, culture and technology of an organization.

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