Explore the trends, theories and inventions that are challenging business, societal and environmental norms.

How big does an idea have to be to change the world? In the opening weeks of the new year, we explore the ideas that sit somewhere in between initial vision and actual possibility. Reflecting on 2015’s most refreshing ideas, Fast Company offers a glimpse into the ideas that will shape the year – or years – to come:

They range from better treatment of low-wage workers to a guaranteed income for every person; from programmable physical objects to a doctor’s office in your pocket; from design that intentionally makes you uncomfortable to satellite detective agencies.

One idea not listed above? Geo-engineering the planet to better cope with carbon emissions. And when it comes to food supply, technology is emerging in Silicon Valley to lessen the gap between farmers and tech entrepreneurs. Even the standard process in which we obtain and purchase residential electricity is being reevaluated. Albeit controversial, the aforementioned ideas are setting up 2016 to be a year of rethinking norms that were impossible to challenge in years past.

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