Planning the right project team today will inform your lab design needs of tomorrow.

Every lab design requires a certain degree of experience and expertise. But no two projects are alike. And not every architect is well-versed in the uniquely specific scope required for lab design projects. Supplementing your team with a lab programming/design consultant can help remedy concerns about experience for a successful outcome. Laboratory Design notes:

There are also an increasing number of projects for which an organization wants a “signature” architect for the sake of marketability and institutional recognition, but these well-known architects aren’t necessarily experienced in lab design. In these instances, supplementing the design team with a lab planner can provide an essential addition to a successful project.

The lab planner needs to possess specific qualities to ensure project success: experience, a broad view, innovation, mechanical knowledge and trust all rank as essential traits. It falls on the design team to recognize when they need a lab planner, but compiling a list of developmental details – such as allotted design space, anticipated growth and organizational structure – will help gauge the need for a lab programming/design consultant.

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