Opportunities for wellness and prevention emerge outside of the expected.

While traditional hospital services take place in emergency departments and surgery rooms, opportunities for wellness are beginning to emerge in unexpected wings of healthcare campuses. Today’s health systems are becoming wellness destinations, offering services that allow the public to proactively manage their health.

This means that when a physician talks to patients about losing weight or watching cholesterol levels, a nearby education kitchen will offer healthy eating and cooking classes. Or an on-site fitness center located in close proximity to a physical therapy site to strengthen muscles and avoid future injury. It could be therapy pool for patients and lap lanes for their children. Healthcare Design reports:

“Traditionally when people have thought of a healthcare facility, they’ve envisioned an uninviting environment where you go when you’re sick. But health facilities are working hard to change that image as they promote healthy lifestyles.”

By offering opportunity and convenience for the public, a facility equipped for both medical treatment and preventive wellness programs helps forge a connection with the community while bringing health and wellness together. Could convenience be the key to better health? These hybrid health and wellness centers are the test.

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