Corporate America has long valued the leadership of engineer and tech-minded types. But in today’s business era, a “design thinking” approach by leadership and staff alike can better equip your company to stand the test of time. Design thinking has come to be defined as infusing empathy, creativity and rationality into the process of understanding, forming solutions for and analyzing a business challenge. The key principles of this thought-type are prototyping, improvisation and being genuinely curious about your customer. reports:

The term “design-led” isn’t only being wielded by the usual suspects – a.k.a. those in the traditional design fields such as J. Crew or Warby Parker; nor to those companies which invest a lot of time and money in developing an amazing logo. But those unusual suspects, in healthcare, education or government, can also be design led organizations because of the ways that they are designing services and delivering meaningful experiences to their users.

Ultimately, a cultural shift needs to happen in a company to make it “design led,” and leaders – both at the top and emerging – must practice elements of design thinking in areas of their lives outside of work as well.

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