In today’s market, end users have high expectations and demands for commercial flooring. An inside look at how nora® is answering the call for sustainable, customer-centered flooring solutions.

With over 60 years leading the industry, nora is a driving force in premium commercial rubber flooring. The company is continually looking at ways to improve and upend the future of flooring with sustainable products and practices, and a focus on long-lasting relationships with customers. Green Building & Design talks to Tim Cole, nora systems vice president of marketing, about the company’s commitment to sustainability – and its goal to be the most customer-driven product manufacturer in the flooring industry.

Cole acknowledges that it’s not enough for flooring manufacturers to tout the end product, and discusses how nora emphasizes innovative, environmentally sound raw materials and manufacturing processes:

“Now we’re seeing a push toward transparency. People want to talk about what raw materials go into a product. ‘What are the impacts of the ingredients?’” Cole says. “It’s up to the product manufacturers like nora that have had long-term commitment to sustainability to evaluate where we are and what we’re doing next and say, ‘Now how do we raise the bar? What is our next commitment going to be?’”

Green Building & Design looks at the ways nora has collaborated with hospitals and other sectors for industry-specific solutions, and highlights its commitment to how environmental accountability is put to practice within the company. Head to the article to read more about how nora is continuing to raise the bar for flooring solutions.