Manufacturers find new ways to improve floor safety, maintenance, comfort.

Flooring manufacturers are introducing a wide variety of new products specifically designed to help healthcare facilities improve safety, comfort, acoustics, mobility, ease of maintenance, infection control and aesthetics, according to an article in Healthcare Facilities Management.

The article reviews a wide range of new products, including noraplan® lona. It also quotes Tim Cole, vice president of marketing at nora systems, Inc., on the value premium rubber flooring brings to the healthcare industry. The main advantages include rubber flooring’s low maintenance requirements, slip resistance, comfort underfoot, acoustic qualities and contribution to air quality.

“Premium rubber flooring can be easily cleaned, in some cases with just water, which means large areas of the hospital need not be closed while floors are stripped, recoated and allowed to dry,” Cole is quoted as saying. “Rubber’s dense, nonporous surface repels dirt and stands up to liquid spills without absorbing them. It also provides slip-resistance.”

And, because rubber is a flexible material that absorbs the pressure of footsteps differently than hard floor coverings, it helps alleviate the pressure placed on joints and reduces many of the physical complaints common among nurses. Things like heel pain, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and knee, hip and lower back pain.

The article mentions that noraplan lona combines the advantages of premium rubber flooring — from perception of cleanliness and simple maintenance to improved acoustics — with a dense, nonporous surface that helps to repel dirt and bacteria while resisting stains. In addition, the material emits no PVC [polyvinyl chloride], plasticizers or halogens, which improves indoor air quality, Cole says.

Premium rubber flooring continues to offer many important advantages, with benefits ranging from aesthetic and ergonomic to maintenance and financial. For more on the new flooring products for healthcare facilities, go to the full article.