A Dallas high school is making bold moves to modernize its campus and engage students, faculty and staff.

As educational environments evolve, so do teaching pedagogies. As a result, schools are seeking new strategies to bolster recruitment and retain a competitive edge. School Planning and Management highlights how Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas is transforming its campus, beginning with a bold, symbolic design concept.

The school worked with design firm Perkins + Will to develop an architectural and interior backbone that would reconnect and unify the campus. This concept, which became known during the master planning stage as “The Way,” uses architectural elements and design features to serve as touchstones for students and mirror their academic journey through the school.

School Planning and Management notes how important it was for the school to create an innovative atmosphere that builds on legacy:

“With more and more students opting out of traditional academic settings and opting for non-traditional virtual settings, exceptional architecture and design became a critical part of our student recruitment and retention toolkit […] We want to create an environment that boasts a social atmosphere. We want to bring people in to see that professional athletes have walked these same halls. We’re trying to create a vision for what a student’s future can be.”

This design concept is idealized in the school’s Leyden Arts + Athletic Complex, which boasts floor-to-ceiling murals, a “Sports Honor Roll” and panels honoring the school’s athletes and team accomplishments, with placeholders for future graduates – a visual reminder to current students that they’re part of the school’s legacy.

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