Why is it important to invest in design school today? In a dialogue mediated by Metropolis Magazine, three leading design educators discuss the importance of design education, how the field of architecture has evolved and what the future looks like. A central message is the importance of versatility of skills and knowledge both in the current era and moving forward. As with many professions, the lines are blurring as to what design encompasses and how far it can reach with impact. Hernan Diaz Alonso, graduate programs chair at SCI-Arc director notes:

Design has been an important aspect of our culture for a very long time. The opportunities open to designers today are clearly unprecedented, mainly due to the shifting nature of contemporary culture, which promotes a peculiar mix of hyper-specialization and intellectual holism. Designers are required to constantly negotiate between these extremes and to be an expert in their projects. This means having to be fluent in skill sets ranging from theoretical writing to cutting-edge fabrication methods. Dexterity is mandatory.

One skill that is most essential is a clear understanding of the ethical boundaries of the field. “As ever-accelerating technological advancements allow us to move into completely unknown territories, we are increasingly less versed in judging what should and shouldn’t be done. We are therefore compelled to draw up and test not only innovative aesthetic criteria, but also, and especially, ethical ones,” says Alonso, adding, “In a nutshell, we want to be visionaries and radical innovators, while at the same time living and operating in the ‘real world.’”

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