If life has one constant, it’s certainly change. This rings true with our own education system, as both students and teachers evolve in the ways they teach and learn. Increased usage of wireless technology makes it more important than ever for designers to create spaces that are not only conducive to real-life socializing and collaboration, but also allow students to take ownership. Learning by Design reports:

“Schools are coming around to the idea that educational environments should be more inviting. [When] you make [the space] a little more exciting and engaging, the students are naturally going to be more receptive to learning,” school librarian, Keeli Osmer, explains.

At Auburn High School’s Cafeteria and Kitchen Renovation Project in Alabama, designers set aside a large area of architectural mill-work to allow students to display artwork. In turn, students take pride in the space. “We wanted to find a way to connect the kids to the cafeteria. The school’s art program is very strong and we wanted to showcase that,” says Todd Freeman, executive director of school operations and services.

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