Products that promote easy cleaning create a healthier environment.

The right furnishings and materials can help prevent the spread of infection in healthcare facilities, says healthcare journalist Amy Eagle. But those materials need to hold up under hospital-grade cleaning protocols and chemicals, she writes in a recent Health Facilities Management® article.

Eagle reviews a variety of new products designed specifically to meet the healthcare environment’s “three D’s of materials selection”: disinfectability, durability and design. Because these align so perfectly with the qualities of rubber flooring, Eagle quotes two experts from nora®:

“In health facilities, it’s all about the perception of clean,” says Tom Hume, a market segment manager at nora systems, Inc. He notes that the company’s high-heat, high-pressure production system for vulcanized rubber flooring creates a dense, nonporous surface that closes even tighter over time for excellent durability and easy cleaning.


Rubber flooring is a bacteriostatic surface, adds Jonna Gravitt, an account manager at nora. And it can be cleaned with steam and a buffing solution or neutral cleaner, eliminating odors and volatile organic compounds.


“The healthcare environment should be healing and safe,” Gravitt says. Products that promote easy cleaning, she says, “contribute to a healthier environment for patients and staff.”

Interior furnishings and materials can play an important role in creating both the impression and the reality of cleanliness that is so important to the patient experience. To find out about the latest products focused on helping you achieve that goal, read the full article.