Take an inside look at how facility managers make decisions about products and installation.

The commercial flooring industry has undergone a dramatic shift in the last decade. New and emerging trends have dictated changes in product design. The need for flooring that addresses specific requirements has changed the way facility mangers select flooring, as well as how architects specify products and how contractors install them. According to Facility Executive, specific facility demands are ultimately what dictates the right flooring choice.

The article highlights a few examples of such demands and the optimal commercial flooring solutions for them. One such consideration is foot traffic. As Facility Executive notes:

The best choices for high-traffic areas greatly depend on the current and future needs of the facility, with maintenance, static-resistance, and anti-microbial properties. […] Says Chuck Rajner, president of Commercial Floors Toledo, an INSTALL Warranty Contractor. “Rubber flooring, which is softer underfoot, is also a smart choice, as it requires little maintenance.”

The article goes on to discuss the challenges of retrofit situations, and the importance of proper installation. Find out more about how facility managers choose commercial floorings for high-performing buildings in the full article.