The future of architecture calls for function over flash.

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. At least, that’s the projected forecast for building trends over the next five years. Departing from “starchitecture” – an industry term for iconic buildings designed by architects with celebrity and critical acclaim – the world’s top design experts denote a focus on structures that are more efficient than aesthetic. And don’t be surprised if they’re built with sustainable material like cross-laminate timber and dirt mixtures. Fast Company weighs in on some of the most prominent projections for the future:

Largely optimistic, these trends indicate a rosy future for the structures that surround us every day. Architects predict that these buildings won’t be as flashy, but they’ll be far more useful on an everyday basis…. And they may be built of a material you haven’t even heard of yet.

As building trends shift from less aesthetic to more practical, collaboration between unlikely teams will become increasingly vital. That means teams of social anthropologists and environmental scientists joining with building managers and company owners to promote interaction between employees. Another point to note is that the shift from flashy to utilitarian is not just limited to North America. Expect to see changes in architecture power-players like China, with material trends taken from places like Australia and South Africa.

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