Answering questions about important factors can help you narrow down the best choice.

Replacing flooring is a significant investment, but those charged with making the final selection also need to consider factors beyond budget. Life cycle costs, maintenance regimen, performance requirements, resiliency needs and sustainability goals all play a role in the selection process. looks at five key questions that can help decision-makers find the right flooring for their needs:

    How much will the flooring cost year after year? In other words, how much can you invest over the life of the floor?

    What are the performance requirements? Be clear on how the space will be used.

    Can you support maintenance? Factor in the investment of time and cleaning materials for maintenance.

    How important is resiliency? Ask who is using the space, and their comfort and safety requirements.

    Do you have sustainability goals? Start by looking at materials, the manufacturing process and any certifications the floor offers. points out that asking questions about maintenance, performance and sustainability can bring you closer to finding flooring that meets your criteria. The end result: flooring that complements your space and supports those who use it every day. Get more details on the five most important questions to ask in choosing replacement flooring.