Only 48 percent of employees in the US report being satisfied with their job.

What we often refer to as work-life balance is quickly turning into work-life integration. Our digital age offers the ability to work anywhere: at home, at a coffee shop, on a plane. It’s convenient, “until working from anywhere turns into working from everywhere,” states In addition to an average 47 hours of work each week, 80 percent of Americans report working “after hours” for roughly seven hours per week on average. This amounts to an entire extra day of work per week!

How can one find happiness in face of so much stress? advises:

Last year, the The Energy Project partnered with the Harvard Business Review to figure out why Americans were so dissatisfied and disengaged at work, and the results were startlingly simple. The study found employees are more content and productive when their core needs have been met – needs that have little to do with compensation or title. They’re much more basic: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

As fluid work schedules become more and more prevalent, companies have started to facilitate environments that prioritize employee’s personal needs. Companies, take note! Practice taking breaks. Challenge your employees. Even go as far to build a community, with activities such as office happy hours and in-office team building activities. These notions show you care – and in turn, lead to employees and employers reaching new levels of success.

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