As ubiquitous as public Wi-Fi® is these days, the security measures you should take before logging on to a public network are not. Whether you are logging in from your favorite café or a foreign hotel lobby, cybercrime is a reality – and open access Wi-Fi makes you even more vulnerable to it. shares five tips to remember before establishing your connection while on-the-go. One of those tips is to beware of “evil twins.”

Hackers sometimes set up evil twins – Wi-Fi networks that look real – near legitimate public Wi-Fi networks. If you connect to them, all of your communications can be captured. It can be hard to tell the difference so confirm the name of the hotspot with the owner before you connect.

Ensuring you keep a clean machine is another important and effective thing you can do. Devices that are up-to-date with the latest antivirus or firewall protection and operating system patches are less likely to be invaded.

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