Influence has countless advantages, but gaining it takes time. Get started here.

As the old adage goes, “Influence is power.” And in the workplace, gaining influence has a host of benefits. But gaining it is easier said than done. has compiled a list of seven actions you can take to bolster your powers of persuasion in the workplace. For starters, focus on actions rather than arguments.

Trying to build influence through words is useless. Even a leader with perfect diction and a background in rhetorical strategy can’t hope to win the influence of his or her peers through speeches and arguments alone. If you’re going to build influence in the workplace, you need to speak through your actions, or at the very least have the actions and history to back up whatever it is you’re saying.

Keep in mind that gaining influence is not only for individual gain. In fact, gaining influence within a team can lead to more effective collaboration. By sharpening your group skills – such as listening to others – you’ll congruently improve your influence, too.

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