Does your workspace feel cramped or too tight? Are you aware of your posture while working? Believe it or not, your level of stress can directly correlate to your answers above. Time magazine shares small actions that are scientifically proven to lessen stresses you may face during your workweek. An easy place to start? Get organized!

“In general, clutter is simply a delayed decision,” says Scott Roewer, owner of organizing company Solutions by Scott & Company. “Start by simplifying the decision process by using these three categories: reference, action, and recycle,” he advises, then subdivide from there.

Methods such as grouping papers by “action item” piles can help you better delegate time to specific tasks. Grouping your papers by type of action, for example, helps prevent your workflow from piling up.

Another quick tip? Be mindful of your posture, which can influence your mental state and in turn influence your behavior. Allowing yourself more physical (and mental) breathing room buffers you from the feeling of stress.

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