Maximize your chances of successful, productive teamwork when working with someone new.

Uncomfortable working with new people? Just remember that unfamiliar encounters can actually lead to fantastic opportunities. Working with new coworkers can at first feel stressful, but making a concentrated effort to cooperate can lead to successful execution of a project. suggests starting things right by scheduling an in-person meeting to divide and decide on tasks:

Schedule a time that works for both of you to hammer out a system ─ whether that means splitting the individual tasks down the middle and coming together at the end, or setting aside time each day to work collaboratively on tasks. Both of you need to agree to the general outline you put together, and that includes a mutual timeline. Set clear expectations about how you expect to work together, and set an atmosphere of respect and appreciation.

Not much of a phone person? Prefer emails over meeting face-to-face? Be open about how you work best to ensure the smoothest collaboration between you and new coworkers. And be sure to listen to how they work best, too! Other checkmarks along the way – including providing feedback and holding each other accountable – can help keep everyone on task. And don’t forget to plan a mutual reward. It will keep all members invested and motivated to complete the assignment at hand.

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