We feel your pain. If you’re on your feet for the majority of the workday, the effects are felt at some point. Nurses, for example, may walk several miles within a single shift. Educators may spend hours standing in front of a class. Luckily, Lifehacker.com has compiled this useful roundup of quick and easy exercises. Who would think a lacrosse ball could be used to massage the bottom of your feet?

These exercises can help with problems like sore or swollen legs and feet, tight calves, lower back pain, and so on, and should be combined with standard recommendations like wearing comfortable shoes (and perhaps also compression socks), alternating sitting with standing, and getting a good anti-fatigue mat (if possible).

Most of the exercises can be done anywhere using readily available items, such as a chair. We always appreciate finding new ways to stay comfortable. Which exercise will you try this afternoon?

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