This easy new routine will change how – and how much – you work.

Productivity experts praise the power of time blocking, organization and project management apps. But often, the hardest part of improving productivity is breaking old habits and establishing new ones.

So what are the things that get in the way of your productivity? It could be small tasks that get overlooked because they’re sandwiched between more consuming tasks. Or you might have small chunks of time sandwiched between scheduled obligations – time that doesn’t get used efficiently. Here’s how Inc. says you should tackle those small tasks and time wasters:

Instead of falling into one of these traps, increase your productivity by keeping the things you can do in 15 minutes or less on a separate list—one that is always handy. When you sort out the little stuff and avoid looking at the larger master list (make one if you don’t have one), you won’t get caught in a cycle of pressure and confusion.

This list, whether handwritten or stored on a smartphone or spreadsheet, should keep you focused throughout the day – and leave you feeling like you’ve accomplished a lot. Take a closer look at how an easy change in routine can lead to greater productivity and new habits.