Ten social skills tips to enhance relationships.

The new “social normal” typically finds people with their heads down, staring and tapping intently on their smartphones. Interactions are becoming less personal, think face-to-face, and more social — something along the lines of commenting on Instagram or Facebook posts. These behaviors are impacting social skills, and could be impacting the success of your business. While some of these tips may be considered common sense, Huffington Post provides a nice refresher.

There are a variety of ways in which you can communicate with someone. Make sure you are using the proper channel. For example, never have a conflict or present an argument via email or social media. There is no emotion in email and you are opening up a can of worms since emotion, empathy, and feelings are hard to share through a computer. Know when face to face is better than a phone call.

It’s easy to get caught up in the content on your computer screen, but when you step outside your office and seek someone out for a personal conversation, you’re continuing to build a rapport. Maintaining eye contact and using proper body language all contribute to letting the person know you are engaged and attentive. Not only will you get further with colleagues and clients, but personal relationships can benefit as well.

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