Tips for reexamining and prioritizing your work to be more productive.

Are you the type of person who can’t say no to new projects, even when you just don’t have the time? Having the ability to properly assess and prioritize each request can actually lead to making the most out of your expertise and your time. According to Harvard Business Review, the premise is simple: If you reduce your number of responsibilities, you have more time to devote to each one.

If you want to take on the project, stop to think through what you’d need to do in order to complete it. For a presentation, that might include talking to key stakeholders, doing research, putting together the slide deck, and rehearsing. For a much larger project, the commitment may be more extensive and less clear. Map out what you know and then make rough estimates of the amount of time you think the steps might take.

Conversely, if you know you don’t have the availability, then make your team aware of that as soon as possible. This allows for additional resources to be scheduled proactively. Saying no doesn’t equate to eschewing responsibility — being honest with yourself, and your colleagues, will produce a more valuable result. And you’ll enjoy each project that much more.

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