Do more in your workday with these easy but effective tips.

How do you measure productivity? Sometimes it’s not what you get done – it’s how you do it. If you’re looking for some simple, actionable ways to bolster your productivity, Forbes offers six simple but effective strategies for working smarter. Here are three ways you can start now.

  1. Don’t touch things twice. Putting things in a holding pattern is a big time-waster.
  2. Fight the tyranny of the urgent. Urgent actions often have little impact. The key? Delete or delegate.
  3. Check email on a schedule. Don’t let email be an interruption, especially if you vow to fight the tyranny of the urgent and not touch things twice.

These tips look easy on paper, but what happens when you put them into practice? You’ll likely find yourself getting more done, with fewer interruptions. Read on to get the rest of the tips for increasing your productivity.