Inspiration for cultivating a more dynamic work environment.

The notion of wanting and choosing to work for an organization is becoming standard issue (as opposed to the idea that people need to work there). Look at companies like Google and Facebook. Their corporate culture is on display for the world to see. Why do you think that is? Of course there are business reasons, whether it’s to be perceived as innovative, forward thinking or to generate sales, but it’s also to attract quality talent.

So how does your organization stack up? With evolving technologies, quick and mobile access to information and a new generation influencing values and expectations, employers need to be thinking differently in order to cultivate an environment reflective of today’s culture. The idea of challenging convention must be applied to three areas in the workplace, says Huffington Post.

How we work. Why can’t employees customize how they work by being able to select the projects they want to be a part of, the hours they work, where they work, or who they work with?

How we lead. How come managers are scared to show any amount of emotion or vulnerability in the workplace?

How organizations are structured. Why is the assumption that employees need to work at your organization when the reality is that organizations should be constructed so that employees want to work there?

Feeling inspired? Take a look at your company through a new lens. Challenge convention. And do what you can to help propel your organization, and colleagues, forward.

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