Everyday Tips

5 Ways to Make Your Work Commute Healthy

You’ve heard it’s healthy to walk to work, but what about those who live in areas that don’t accommodate a “pedestrian culture?” For those who can’t walk to the workplace, there are ways to remedy the daily drudge of your commute. Listening to classical music, for example, is a proven way to reduce road rage.

10 Ways to Kickstart Your Creative Thinking

Haven’t quite got a handle on mastering your mind-blocks? When the creative juices just aren’t flowing, these ten tips will help you solve your toughest work tasks. Rather than racking your brain, LifeHacker.com recommends actions such as tackling side projects for new perspective. Simply switching up your morning routine can make all the difference.

7 Ways to Stay Poised During Your Presentation

Public speaking can shake even the most confident employees. But luckily, you can battle those pre-speech nerves with a few tried and true tactics. For starters, better prepare for your presentation by reciting it start to finish – and then backwards. Keep reading to learn the logic behind this.

Downloadable Apps Can Aid in Tranquility and Mindfulness

Think of it as mindfulness on-the-go. There are now dozens of phone apps available that offer meditation tips, breathing and mindfulness techniques and even guided meditation modules. These “serenity on screen” apps offer features such as pre-recorded ocean sounds and a soothing, narrative voice to guide users through meditation.

Want to Lessen Workplace Stress? Look to Science.

Bogged down by clutter? Turns out, a cramped workspace directly correlate to stress. The same goes for posture and the amount of physical – and mental – breathing room you allot for yourself. The good news? You can combat stressful factors with a list of science-backed tips. Who knew it was as simple as sitting up straighter?