The skills managers will need in 2025.

Managers of the future will need to be skilled in technology but equally skilled in managing people, according to an article by author Gwen Moran in Fast Company magazine. They will need to be less egocentric and better at evaluating their coworkers’ soft skills as well as their technical chops.

They’ll need to measure success based on results and output and less on how and where people work. Most of all, they’ll need to be able to be sensitive to cultural difference, as Generation Z comes into the workforce, baby boomers hang on and globalization creates non-traditional work environments. They’ll have to understand that collaboration does not mean consensus and harmony.

It all adds up to a more transparent workplace, where communication and trust are paramount. With managers who understand the importance of building cultures that retain the best team members.

The workplace is changing rapidly. Half of the occupations that exist today will not exist 10 years from now. And the hierarchical structures of the past simply aren’t going to work. For a complete rundown on what the managers (as well as the workplaces) of the future will look like, see the full article.