Rules you should cut from the employee handbook.

When you manage people through fear, you kill everything good that could otherwise happen in your workplace, according to an article in Forbes magazine by Liz Ryan, CEO/founder of Human Workplace and author of Reinvention Roadmap. But, she writes, when you lead through trust, you get all the things you want: commitment, creative ideas and teamwork.

Companies broadcast their trust and fear levels in many ways. The loudest messages come through the employee handbook, a window into the corporate soul. When you read any company’s handbook you instantly know where the leaders of the company are coming from.

The rules Ryan would like to banish from the employee handbook (or at least modify significantly) include the following:

  • Bringing in a doctor’s note
  • Requiring employees to give up the airline miles they earn
  • Strictly enforcing dress codes
  • Bringing in a funeral notice
  • Requiring salaried employees to work until all hours of the night or work all weekend for free, but penalizing them for coming in late

Work is best when it is human. When work is a lively, warm and supportive place, amazing things happen. To find out how to make the shift from managing through fear to managing with trust, check out the full article here.