Taking time out of your work week to recharge can lead to a big boost in productivity.
It may seem logical that the more hours you put in to your job, the more you’ll get done. One CEO upends that notion by suggesting that we can increase our productivity and happiness simply by working fewer hours in a week. Brian Scudmore, founder and CEO of O2E Brands, gives Inc. his take on why fewer hours is the trick to productivity:

    Free time for think time. “Working 20% more only gives a 20% productivity boost. But devoting 20% more time to thinking and recharging can result in a 1,000% boost in productivity if that time leads to a breakthrough idea.”

    More hours doesn’t mean more productivity. “I don’t believe that O2E Brands would be more successful if I was working 50 or 60 hours a week. What’s more, decades’ worth of studies show productivity drops significantly after 40 hours a week.”

    Work fewer hours, gain more energy. “When we’re higher energy, we’re more excited, more productive, and better at making decisions. The opposite is also true. When we’re low energy, we lose interest in work, get less done, make more mistakes, and ultimately switch companies more often.”

Scudmore makes the case that multitasking and not recognizing signs of burnout can also upset work-life balance. Need more reasons to justify working a shorter week? Read the full list of tips for increasing your free time.