How you can avoid the typical slumps in worker performance.

Seventy percent of startups see employee morale decline around the third year of the company’s existence, according to an article in Inc. magazine. These dips in employee morale can be prevented with a few simple tips that apply to almost any business:

  • Build in transparency. Make a conscious plan to share as much information as possible.
  • Hire like you’re a giant. Hire the best, but make sure people feel they’re being integrated smartly. If you don’t, they often end up spinning their wheels and accomplishing little—a sure-fire recipe for dragging down morale.
  • Make data your friend. You can’t take the whole team out for lunch the way you used to. So you need to replace those gut checks with more formal tools.
  • Make a fuss. Forty percent of workers say they’d work harder if they were commended more often.
  • Hire Sheryl Sandberg. Or someone like her. Your company’s founders may be remarkable visionaries, but that doesn’t always translate to setting up an operational structure for hundreds of people.
  • Formalize roles and goals. As companies scale up, they need expertise. But that can spell disaster if the jacks-of-all-trades who helped get the company started are left behind. When done well, he says, bringing on a senior specialist can even raise spirits, if the current team sees the person as a potential mentor.

And while these tips are focused mostly on startups, there are principles like transparency, onboarding and good communications that apply to any organization. Find out more about maintaining employee morale with the full article.