A comprehensive checklist to prep buildings for winter months.

Prepping your facility (or facilities) for winter isn’t as easy as just cranking up the furnace. Identifying and managing facility maintenance can be complex, especially if you have multiple buildings on your campus or site. Facility Management suggests taking a segmented approach to winter maintenance, especially if your facilities vary in style of construction or architecture.

Aside from ensuring safety protection and compliance for your occupants, many facilities are also subject to guidelines for energy use, waste and materials management, emissions and air quality. Create a checklist to address energy consumption, including energy wasted through leaks, cracks, drafts and other facility flaws. Factors to consider include, but aren’t limited, to:

  • Assessing your roof type. Flat roofs, for instance, require continual maintenance when snow accumulates. Slanted roofs must be sealed correctly to prevent run-off seepage.
  • Cleaning gutters to control drainage from rain, snow and melting ice.
  • Ensuring adequate ventilation to prevent formation of mildew and mold.
  • Providing clear snow removal instructions to your contractor or internal staff.
  • Implementing a plan to back up data in the event of power surges and power loss.
  • Talking to contractors about installing corrosion-free underground gas lines to prevent pipe breakdown.
  • Prepping mobile equipment such as mowers and lawn equipment for dormant winter months.
  • Revisiting preventive and responsive measures for fire safety, including contractor inspections and proper fire drill procedures.

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