Follow this list of leaders for a quick pick-me-up during your busy day.

Sure, Twitter is a great tool for marketing. But it can also serve as a quick, accessible medium for inspiration. has compiled a list of 12 motivational leaders to follow. Read tweets from former IBM employees, authors, entrepreneurs and more for a dose of daily inspiration. Here’s just a sampling among the top 12:

Wright Thurston, @10MillionMiler: This former IBM member made his fortune in real estate investing and has delivered over 3,400 presentations on financial and personal success.

Marianne Williamson, @marwilliamson: With 11 published books and a bid for congress, she’s a powerful speaker who isn’t afraid to infuse spiritual values into business.

Jim Rohn, @OfficialJimRohn: Once an Idaho farm boy, Rohn moved up to make his fortune in Beverly Hills and offers up a daily dose of confidence and practicality.

Steve Maraboli, @SteveMaraboli: Don’t believe in inspirational quotes? Maybe this behavioral scientist will help change your mind.

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