Is a less-than desirable amount of work sitting in your “completed” pile at the end of every day? Time to take a step back and re-evaluate where your day is going, and what you can do to work more efficiently. The secret? Getting more done in less time. Some useful steps you can take are planning, outsourcing, automating, avoiding meetings and using downtime wisely. Mashable shares:

Start by writing down all the things you need to get done that day. Break bigger and more complicated tasks into component pieces so they’re more achievable and less intimidating. Then, number the tasks in order of priority; try to get some of the difficult, unpleasant tasks out of the way first; this will make the rest of the day seem easier.

Meetings can be a significant time waster if not clearly thought out ahead of time. Outlining the concrete outcomes expected from the meeting and following a list of key components that need to be discussed will help keep you productive and on track. Alternatively, consider a five-minute phone call rather than in an hour-long face-to-face meeting.

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