It’s simple: Contribute to the team by asking the right questions.

Meetings can be revealing for both participants and those leading them. Employees want to look good in front of leaders and peers. Those leading the meeting want to set a good example for the team. The goal for both parties involved is to add value – and active participation is key. Check out this short list of questions from to be a more effective member at your next meeting:

What evidence is there to support that? If someone makes a bold claim with no backup, tactfully ask them if they have any evidence to support their statement. This gives the group a chance to qualify the claim, allowing the meeting to progress in a positive direction.

What don’t we know? This prompts meeting participants to list all the things they still need to research about the topic. Plus, it stirs up enough attention to identify “unknown unknowns” before they cause any damage.

What are the action items? This serves as an effective end-of-meeting recap and shows that you’re being proactive about turning discussion into a tangible list. You can even offer your own recap of action items to open the floor to any additional points you may have missed.

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