Here’s what you need to know about email security in 2016.

From Safe Harbor policies to Apple’s recent FBI debate, data security is a hot topic that can’t be ignored. Don’t think it impacts you? Think again. If you use email daily, chances are you’re already at risk. Email-based security breaches don’t grab headlines as much as corporate data hacks do – but the threat is always there. And simple strategies such as avoiding attachments from unfamiliar sources are no longer enough.

You don’t have to be an IT wizard to beef up your email security. Follow these preventive measures from to help keep your inbox safe:

Think twice about exchanging private information: Information stored and sent over email is vulnerable. Be proactive to prevent hacking. Pick a strong account password, and change it regularly. Avoid unsecured Wi-Fi® connections. And never click on suspicious links, even if they appear to be sent from a familiar or reputable source.

Adhere to professional email standards – even at home: Checking your work email at home? Never use your personal email account for work purposes. The legal ramifications could come back to bite you should your personal account be hacked. Assume that all your professional emails are monitored. And if you want to be truly secure, keep your email accounts on separate devices. While an inconvenience, it helps protect both your professional and private data.

Check out the expanded list of security tips.