As the new year begins, there’s no better time to evaluate management style.

Job satisfaction often hinges on the dynamic between employees and management. And in today’s rapidly evolving workplaces, it can be hard to determine the best methods to challenge and lead employees. Luckily, Harvard Business Review’s Sydney Finkelstein has compiled a streamlined list of tips to make 2016 your best year of leadership yet:

  • Lead the individual. It might be tempting to implement an all-team strategy, but individual improvement plans yield the most success. Mold lessons to individual developmental needs and remain accessible for one-on-one conversations.
  • Put some meaning behind your productivity. You must communicate your vision to get the support of employees you lead through projects.
  • Feedback is key. Don’t wait around for annual performance reviews to give employee feedback. Instead, aim for weekly feedback to help employees hone their skills and talent.
  • Listen. Pose problems and challenges, then enlist the entire team when it comes to generating solutions.
  • Keep your message consistent. Though initiatives change, your management style, vision and openness to ideas should remain unwavering to provide employees with stable expectations.

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