Knowing the cause makes procrastination easier to overcome.

Procrastination is like a sore throat; it’s a symptom with many possible causes, writes contributing editor Geoffrey James in an article on Unless you know the cause, the treatment for the symptom might make things worse. He identifies the five most common causes of procrastination:

  1. The size of a task seems overwhelming.
  2. The number of tasks seems overwhelming.
  3. A set of tasks seem repetitive and boring.
  4. The task seems so important that it’s daunting.
  5. You just don’t feel like working.

The article goes on to suggest ways to deal with each of these issues. Like dividing a large project into bite-sized chunks. Or setting time limits to complete a task. So, if you have a procrastination problem, you probably don’t want to wait until tomorrow to read the full article.