See what you can do to cultivate a healthy emotional workplace.

A whopping 70 percent of the American workforce doesn’t feel engaged at work. Have you fallen into the trap? While wellness at work has been the dominating headline, the focus is shifting to cultivating a healthy emotional culture. And five new trends are pointing to a workplace that supports a more balanced, holistic and perspective-driven experience. Forbes reports:

“Physical well-being cannot be the sole priority anymore, because people bring their entire selves to work, emotions and all. Care that addresses both mind and body is crucial. Optimized workforces aren’t merely healthy. They’re also whole and fully engaged in their mission.”

This means out with old wellness-based work plans, and in with the new: Resilience to stress is replacing stress relief. Self-guided choices are preferred over pre-mapped growth plans (this is especially true for the millennial generation). And there’s an emotional shift as well: thriving rather than coping. Pursuing awareness and intuition over pure intellectual knowledge. And last but not least, striving for balancing over balance. Go more in depth with the complete article from Forbes.