Working long hours can leave you feeling drained. These tips will help you stay focused and refreshed on and off the clock.

Perhaps you’ve experienced a time when your work schedule or a demanding project had you putting in extra hours. If so, then you know: It can really wear you down. So how do you sustain your energy and motivation? The Huffington Post offers up some expert advice to combat the exhaustion that comes from being overworked and overwhelmed. Here are three tactics to keep in mind if you feel sluggish:

Focus on the basics. It’s common to compromise eating well, exercise and focusing on mental clarity when your to-do list takes over. By committing to small goals such as taking a brisk walk at lunch, you’ll keep a handle your basic needs.

Simplify when possible. Make your daily routine easier by doing such tasks as prepping meals for the week on your day off or using organizational apps for your life.

Create and focus on goals. Your ultimate goal might be to finish a project, but focusing on a non-work goal will motivate you to work harder and make your job more enjoyable.

By making sure your life doesn’t revolve around your profession and taking some time for yourself, suggests the article, you’ll be better able to relax, and those long work hours will seem less stressful. Read more ways to stay refreshed while working overtime.