Make your meetings more productive with these tips from the pros.

A schedule full of meetings doesn’t just make you groan; it can also cost your organization time and money. In fact, one Harvard Business School professor estimates that 11 million meetings will take place in the United States today alone – and one-third of those meetings will prove unproductive. A 2014 Bain & Company study revealed that one meeting of mid-level managers per week could cost a company as much as $15 million. Fast Company rounds up some smart strategies that business leaders and experts use to make meetings more efficient. We’ve compiled some of them here:

  1. Keep it small – and invite the right people. Meetings with too many people can get bogged down. Try Jeff Bezos’ “two pizza rule” for determining who to invite – never have more than two pizzas can feed.
  2. Sit in a circle – or better yet, stand. Circles are more conducive than rows for collaboration. And stand-up meetings are not only healthier, they can also cut meeting times.
  3. Make your agenda work. Many meetings turn unproductive because the agenda is discussed, but not turned into action. Combat this dilemma by changing agenda items into questions.

If you’re feeling the drain of unproductive meetings, reclaim time and money in your workday with additional strategies for streamlined meetings, found here.