How listening well can help your career.

How many times have you zoned out during a meeting? Lost interest during a presentation? If every meeting leaves you feeling uninspired, it might not be the meeting. Your listening skills might be to blame, suggests career and relationship expert Nando Rodriguez, in an article on Huffpost.

There are two types of listening we can do — either “listen for” or “listen with.”

“Listening for” is the type of listening you do when you’re being receptive to ideas and open to suggestions. “Listening for” will leave you with some type of insight, and it’s the best type of listening to do when you’re receiving feedback from a supervisor or a colleague. This type of listening will advance your career.

“Listening with” comes with baggage that closes you off to what’s being said. You’re either listening with judgment, bitterness or “fill in the blank.” You are so busy trying to get your point across that you’re missing the opportunity to connect with another person. And you will be creating a hostile work environment and leaving behind a trail of negativity, Rodriguez says.

Listening involves at least two people, and you’re a major part of the equation. To learn how to make sure your listening skills are sharply honed, read the full article.