For many nurses, back pain is part of the job. See what makes Pilates such an effective method to relieve pain – and prevent further injury.

Athletes, rehab patients and people from all walks of life have experienced firsthand the therapeutic benefits of Pilates. Nurses and healthcare workers who feel the demands of the profession can benefit from this gentle exercise method—no gym necessary. A recent article in Daily Nurse describes how the Pilates method can help healthcare workers alleviate back strain and keep it at bay.

What makes Pilates so effective for nurses in particular? Daily Nurse explains:

[…] it’s the subtle elements that make this method different from all the others. Pilates improves coordination, spinal alignment, stamina, flexibility, balance, eases aches and pain, and reduces stress—all valuable components when being a nurse demands you remain on your feet for long periods of times.

The article goes on to outline four exercises that require little more than a wall and a chair. Find out how to perform these exercises in the full article.