It’s no secret that our culture’s devotion to screens, namely smartphones and handheld devices, has led us down a rabbit hole of 24/7 connectedness and brain activity. On your next visit to the app store, consider downloading one of the dozens of apps that have popped up in recent years offering stress-melting meditation, breathing and mindfulness techniques and even guided meditation modules. One such iPhone app is called Calm:

For about $10 a year, users can select from an array of recorded modules, and the length of time they want to meditate. One 10-minute module features the sound of ocean waves breaking on a shoreline as a narrator, her voice warm and comforting, instructs you to close your eyes, let go of your thoughts, and feel any tension melt away.

Saagara, a company in Ann Arbor, Mich., offers two “pranayama” apps intended to guide users through breathing techniques. The inherent benefit of an app is that it can be accessed anywhere you may be — at home, on a train or bus while commuting and even at work. Consider swapping out checking your email or playing your favorite game for something a little more zen today!

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