Many of us on the job find that our office and colleagues quickly form a second home. And while it’s great to be comfortable and happy at work, you may be a little too comfortable if you happen to be trimming your nails at your desk, arriving late to meetings or gossiping via company email. Presenting your best self at all times will go further than anything written on your resume – whether you happen to be vying for a promotion, or just entering the job world. Huffington Post lends this tidbit of advice:

Turn off your gadgets in meetings. My company’s CEO starts every meeting by reminding us to turn our phones face down, close our laptops, and focus only on the meeting. Having the discipline to step away from distractions is refreshing. Of course, this really only works if everyone adheres to it. It’s difficult to make that happen, but when everyone is unplugged and focused, meetings are much more productive.

Speaking of meetings – arriving on time is key in both face-to-face or virtual gatherings. If you’re the meeting host, on time means at least five minutes early. If you’re the guest, on time means on time. If you know you’re going to be delayed, a simple email can keep the person on the other end from feeling stood up.

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