Ready for a little spring cleaning? This digital checklist will increase device storage and enhance cyber security.

When’s the last time you cleaned your desk? Most of us ask when the piles get too high. But what about your desktop – and other mobile devices, for that matter? This handy digital spring cleaning checklist from StaySafeOnline will help you prioritize which devices to focus on first. Take it week by week to ensure your data and devices stay safe and secure.

Week 1: Keep clean machines. Update software on all Internet-connected devices to reduce risks from malware and infections. Delete unused apps, and keep others current by app permissions.

Week 2: Make sure you’re secure. Enhancing the security of your online accounts is a fast, simple way to be safer online. Turn on two-factor authentication on critical accounts like email, banking and social media. Secure your router with stronger passwords. Check to ensure all devices are password, passcode or fingerprint protected.

Week 3: Digital file purge and protection. Dispose of sensitive materials (such as hard drives, disks and memory cards) at a community shredding event. Clean out your old email and empty deleted folders (if you need to keep old messages, move them to an archive). Delete or archive older files and outdated financial statements. Unsubscribe to newsletters, email alerts and updates you no longer read.

Week 4: Clean up your online reputation. Own your online presence by reviewing the privacy and security settings on websites. Clean up your social media presence by deleting old photos. Update your “online self” by reviewing your personal information and updating it where needed.

Want to take spring cleaning to the next level? Follow this comprehensive list of tips.