Feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list? These five tips will help you manage your workload and the stress that comes with it.

Nobody likes the feeling of being buried under a heavy workload. So what do you do when you have too much on your plate? One tactic, suggests a recent article by career advice web site The Muse, is to just dive in and get started. If you prefer a more strategic approach, the article offers up four more approaches that can help you lighten your workload. Here’s a quick summary:

  1. Prioritize. One of the first things you should do is get your tasks in a logical order.
  2. Focus on value. When you add an item to your to-do list, consider if it really matters in the grand scheme of things.
  3. Delegate. See if someone else can take on a particular task, or explore automated solutions to handle repetitive tasks.
  4. Plan ahead and notify. You’ve narrowed your workload, but it’s still too much. If you think you’ll miss a deadline, let others know—it’s better to be proactive than to scramble at the last minute and come up short.

No doubt you’ve experienced a situation where it feels like you’ll never tackle your task list. But the next time that happens, you’ll be armed with strategies to manage it with more focus and less stress.

Get more tips on how to handle heavy workloads in the full article.