Build confidence for your next big presentation with these strategies for easing anxiety.

When you’re getting ready to deliver a presentation, do fear and anxiety put a strain on your nerves? You’re not alone. These emotions are common – but they can be tamed. So how do you handle this particular kind of stress? Harvard Business Review offers four ways to calm your nerves so you can give any presentation with confidence.

  1. Observe, accept and reframe. Instead of resisting or pushing away nervousness, embrace it and see it as part of the process.
  2. Get present. When we’re nervous, we can get caught up in critical thoughts and lose our presence. Tuning in to your body can help regain a sense of presence.
  3. Prepare. The most important thing you can do is prepare and practice your opening—this will set the stage for the rest of your presentation.
  4. Manage your nerves along the way. Make a misstep? Just keep going. Preparing a list of potential questions and responses will also help keep you on your toes.

While you can’t predict how every presentation will go, accepting your anxiety and being present mentally can help you stay calm and get through it with confidence. Read on for the best ways to quell pre-presentation nerves.