Five morning rituals to kick off your day on the right foot.

A recent report in The Wall Street Journal says that 4 a.m. may be the most productive time of the day. And for good reason. Distractions are at a minimum: the kids are still asleep, no one’s emailing or texting and little is happening on social media.

But you don’t have to get up before dawn to be productive, according to an article in Inc. magazine. The account suggests five morning rituals sure to boost your effectiveness all day long:

  1. Follow a predictable routine. Map out the first 30 to 60 minutes of your day.
  2. Avoid jumping into email. Once you open your inbox, you may be sucked into a whirlpool of others’ needs.
  3. Minimize interruptions. Mute your phone and make sure your email notifications are off.
  4. Include productive tasks. Look at your calendar for the next few days. Update your to-do list. Note your top priorities for the day.
  5. Use self-imposed rewards. Choose some self-administered rewards for performing the less pleasant tasks.

The article adds a list of highly successful early risers like Apple CEO Tim Cook. But it stresses that the morning routine that really matters starts when you sit down at your desk. To get a complete rundown, read the full article.