Make the most of your 8-5 with four effective morning rituals.

Not a morning person? You might be after this. Turns out, tackling your toughest tasks is best done at the start of the workday. Fast Company shares a few other tips about how to get your day started on the right foot:

Do the worst first: Studies have shown that you have the most willpower in the morning, so knock out your toughest or most important tasks bright and early.

Step away from the inbox: Don’t spend your morning reading and answering non-urgent emails. Instead, focus your time on what you need to get done—not the little requests that can wait an hour.

Create a compass: Organize and prioritize your to-do list to help you stay on task. Once your list is complete, break down big tasks into specific actions you’ll take to accomplish them.

Don’t forget to say good morning: While it might seem trivial, say hello to your colleagues in the morning. Not only will it help you start the day in a good mood, but the positive effect could rub off on them, too.

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