Mediate your way through most arguments with a few simple tips.

Barely a day goes by that doesn’t require a little bit of negotiation. Whether it be at work or home, those aware of effective negotiation approaches have a clear advantage over those who don’t give thought to it. The trick isn’t about being exploitative at every chance – but it isn’t about being a pushover, either. columnist Kevin Daum shares his best tactic, starting with this:

The most powerful tool in negotiation is silence. The important thing is to know when to use it. Ironically, the more you stay silent, the more likely your adversaries will expose themselves and give you the advantage. Of course, you don’t need to pounce; in fact, stay silent just a bit longer and your competition may soon be offering you the world just to get to resolution.

Some other helpful hints? Consider how your actions can impact a long-term business relationship. Know what you want – and don’t be afraid to say no if you don’t get it. As columnist Eric Holtzclaw advises, “The person willing to walk away is in control.”

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